Bollywood (Candleight Dinner Hindi Songs)

Unforgettable (Chill Hindi Song)

India del Mar (Bollywood Music)

Punjabi Music (World Music Bar)

Jai Ho Ravi Chill (Chillout Shankar Instrumental Music)

Lounge Meditation (Background Dinner Music)

The Party (Indian Sitar Magic)

A Passage to India (Hindi Lounge Chillout Music)

Yara Muje Ishq Hua

Raga Nat Tinariwen (Orient World Dj)

Easy Listening (Oriental Music Chillout)

Music for Restaurants

Indian Restaurant Music

Tabla Magic Sunset (World Drums of the World)

Arabian Cafè (Bollywood Lounge)

Sunset Blues (Cafe Lounge Concerto Indische Musik)

Bansuri (Indian Flute Chill Out Music Bamboo Flute)

Santoor (Buddha Lounge Bar Music Mix)

Bhagavad Gita Indian Chill Out (Chillout Paris Bar Lounge Buddha mix)

Warm Up (Girl Abs)

Sari Kashmir (Indian Chillout Devotional Song)

Power Pilates

Power House (Music for Core)

Spirit of India (Elevator Music Relaxing Oriental Music)

Diamonds & Pearls (Dinner Party Music)

Stretch (Workout Music Playlist)

Instrumental Love Songs

Meditation New Delhi (Slumdog Dj Millionaire Mix)

Oriental Music - Indian Instrumental Song

Era Istrefi - Bonbon (English Version Cover Art)

Relaxation at the Beach (Balearic House Mix)

Break of Day - Instrumental Piano and Beach Waves

Instrumental Music for Serenity In Life

Instrumentals (Background Music)

Femme Fatale

In Between Days Instrumental Songs

Indian Relaxing Instrumental Music for Healing Soul

Instrumentals (Background Music)

Instrumental Music for Your Wedding Day

Asana Yoga Music - Instrumental Music for Meditation

Instrumental Music 4 Pilates

Central Calm - Instrumental Chill Out Music

Bollywood (Hindi Songs)

Pitbull - Hotel Room Service

Instrumental Piano for Well Being

Yara Muje Ishq Hua - Oriental Bar Music Hindi Music

Break The Rules instrumental

Bollywood (Lounge Music)

Yara Muje Ishq Hua - Oriental Bar Music Hindi Music

Bollywood Lounge