Players Play Music - Home Alone (Official)

XERXES "February" (OFFICIAL Music Video - taken from Our Home Is A Deathbed)

Xerxes - Exit 123 / Knife - Audiotree Live

One Night With The King - Beautiful History (Plumb)

Xerxes & Phoenix - Silence Arise

♥ "Holy Thou Art" (Largo from Xerxes)

My Ticket Home - Hot Soap / Kick Rocks - Audiotree Live

300 - First Battle Scene - Full HD 1080p - Earthquake. No Captain, Battle Formations...

Home Alone

Speedpaint - Xerxes 5.7

"Xerxes" performed by the Performing Arts Institute Wind Ensemble

Pokemon Battle #168 Xerxes vs Protostar - Eh Team

Kenyon - Beez In The Trap Freestyle (Xerxes track 10)

Troy - coheed and cambria - welcome home

Phillip And Xerxes 3

Largo (Xerxes)

XerXes - The Thief From Darrenlow (Rare Prog)

The best music mix 2011 - The best music mix 2011(by Ramil)

My Ticket Home - Spit Not Chewed / Teenage Cremation - Audiotree Live

Phillip And Xerxes 2

Phillip And Xerxes

Alice&Oz : A l o n e ... [Spoiler 75]

Rough Peony - Last Ride Home

It's The Villains House Now Version 4

Truth & Revenge ; Break x Yoko

Pokemon Battle #27 Vs Blunt [Ehm. k]

WHIPS/CHAINS "Secular Front"

To sad humanity alone-Nemean Lion live


Light LOLs while I play unfitting music

A Thousand Years Pt. 2 (Sam Earle Video) with lyrics

Feyenoord singing Sloop John B

Year Two Improvement Video (Outside Announcement below)

New Classic part 13

All the Cool Kids are Lemons by Scherzo Jenkins

Snell, Xerxes"Ninth Street Church of Christ/Winter Garden, FL.

♥ "Going Home" - by Sissel

Xerxes is reminding us that he is kind

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Every Man's Home is his Castle

Home in Pasadena. Fox Trot. Savoy Havana Band.London.1924.Edited by Marino van Wakeren.

alone all along.

14 year olds do Pride and Joy (Cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan's classic)

SUBMISSION? Unavoidable Moments where 'choice' changes EVERYTHING!

You're Alone - RenegadeWade Ft. Berry

Pandora Hearts MMV; Character - Lacie; Music - Yuki Kajiura - Alone

Channel 1212 Animated Reenactment This Is Sparta!!

Demoscene - BitFellas BitJam Podcast #52 - Hits for Kids - Play it again, daddy!


Samurai Jack - Amor Fati