7 Days Adventure With God (2017) - FULL MOVIE 

Download in HD 7 Days Adventure With God (2017) - FULL MOVIE

The Last Reformation: The Life (2018) - FULL MOVIE

The Last Reformation - The Beginning (2016) - FULL MOVIE

Miracles in Time Square New York City

Warning about false spirits creeping into the church.

Critical questions from pastors to Torben Søndergaard and TLR - PART 1

Lesson 1 - Come out of the box - The Pioneer School

A Última Reforma - The Last Reformation - LEG Português

Miracles in Israel

Miracles in Poland - Listen how the bones are creaking (11.52) (12.11) when God heals

What you see on YouTube is NOT the full picture

ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING (Esther the Bible Movie)

Kingdom of God in Japan - back to the early church!

It's Supernatural! Network with Sid Roth

No more wheelchair! Jesus healed me!

Episode 5 - Broken marriage restored miraculously! - TLR Studio

1. What is a disciple? - Kickstart weekend The Netherlands (Friday)

Pastor Gets Fired - TLR is responsible for division?

2. Getting practical on healing - Kickstart weekend The Netherlands (Friday)

4. Times of suffering (about roots and fruits) - Kickstart weekend The Netherlands (Friday)

Torben Sondergaard je falošný prorok

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