Paul Kelly - They Thought I was Asleep (Live) 

PAUL KELLY - How To Make Gravy (Live)

Paul Kelly "If I Could Start Today Again"

Paul Kelly - When I First Met Your Ma (Live)

Powderfinger - These Days (final ever performance)

Throw your arms around me (Eddie Vedder & Mark Seymour) Pearl Jam

Missy Higgins & Dan & Paul Kelly - Droving Woman

PAUL KELLY - It Started With A Kiss

"From little things, big things grow": Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody remember Gough in song

Paul & Dan Kelly - Little Aches And Pains | Tram Sessions

Neil Finn and Paul Kelly - Live at Sydney Opera House (Full Set)

PAUL KELLY - To Her Door

Paul Kelly - Firewood and Candles - official video

PAUL KELLY - Please Leave Your Light On (Live)

Paul Kelly and Neil Finn - Into Temptation

John Butler, Dan Sultan & Missy Higgins - From Little Things Big Things Grow

PAUL KELLY - Careless (Live)

Paul Kelly - You're 39, You're Beautiful and You're Mine (Live)

PAUL KELLY - Midnight Rain (Live)

Paul Kelly - Rally Round The Drum

Paul Kelly - To Her Door (Live)

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