[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.11,12Seung Ho × Soo Bin, romantic kiss in umbrella♥20171221 

Download in HD [I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.11,12Seung Ho × Soo Bin, romantic kiss in umbrella♥20171221

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.29,30Seung-ho and Soo-bin are suddenly kissing forceful ♥20180124

[HOT] 호텔킹 12회 - 이다해를 번쩍 들어 올려 침대에 눕히는 이동욱 '백허그' 20140518

[Two Cops]투깝스ep.13,14Jo jung suk, a stakeout kissing Lee Hye Ri20171218

[MV] _Stella Jang (스텔라장) – 날 알아줄까 (로봇이 아니야 / I Am Not a Robot OST) Part 2

[ENG SUB] How will She become a ROBOT for $10,000?

Yoo Seung Ho ❤️ Chae Soo Bin ~ Chemistry Is L❤️VE || I’m not Robot BTS || Love Moments

Korea Drama Romantic Kiss Scene

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.27,28Seung-ho×Soo-bin, kissing each other's hearts ♥20180118

I Am Not a Robot - EP13 | The Day After the Kiss [Eng Sub]

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.17,18Seung-ho doing a reset with hot tears "I love you..."

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이아니야11,12Seungho×Soo-bin, Practice dating practice under the guidance of Min-ji

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.29,30Seung Ho×Soo Bin, expressing affection in the car ♥20180124

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.13,14Seung-ho and Seung-eon always imagine the kissing Soo-bin...!171227

I Am Not a Robot - EP12 | Yoo Seung Ho Catches Falling Chae Soo Bin [Eng Sub]

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.23,24 Seung-ho finally knows the identity of Soo Bin20180111

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.31,32Seung-ho and Soo-bin express love affection20180125

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.09,10 Yoo Seung-ho, the only remedy is chae soo bin20171220

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.25,26Seung-ho becomes poisoned by the re-onset of human allergy

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.05,06Soo-bin is looking for perfume and falling into Seung-ho!20171213

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.29,30Soo-bin comforts Seung-ho "I always stay by your side"

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