Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.9 Preview 

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Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.10 Preview

Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.11 Preview

Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.12 Preview

[On-Air] KBS World 24

“Cha Taehyun’s wife talks about his porn life on radio!” [We Like Zines! / 2017.09.05]

Rohui is jealous of her parents who show affection towards each other! [TROS / 2017.09.03]

Sujin warns her ex-boyfriend not to bully Pil! [Manhole / 2017.08.18]

Cha Taehyun “Song Joongki is not so young to get married” [We Like Zines! / 2017.09.05]

INT with Kim Jaejoong, Uie, Jung HyeSung, Baro [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.08.21]

맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 - 정혜성, 김재중이 남겨 놓은 선물 발견하고 ‘눈물’ . 20170906

Bongsunga School | 봉숭아학당 [Gag Concert / 2017.09.23]

[1Click Scene] Uie tells Kim JaeJoong, "Friendship hurts more than love sometimes" (Manhole Ep.9)

Uncles’ plan to correct twins’ habit of eating only what they want! [TROS /2017.09.10]

[1Click Scene] KimJunghyun reveals himself as the mystery 'X'! (School 2017, Ep.15)

Hot Drama “Father is Strange” afterparty [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.09.04]

[1Click Scene] Uie takes wedding pictures for KimJaeJoong & JungHyeSung (Manhole Ep.10)

[Manhole] Ep.8_I still like you, Soo-jin

Friends find out about Pil’s amazing ability! [Manhole / 2017.08.25]

Drunk Cha Taehyun asks Kim Jongkook to sing… What’s his reaction?[We Like Zines!/2017.09.05]

맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 - 때론…사랑보다 우정이 더 아프다…☆. 20170906

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