Lucas Defayolle. Musique : Torn- Nathan Lanier 

Lucas Defayolle. Passage Incroyable talent 2014 M6

"Torn" Choreography - Knights and Damsels UCF

EXPERIENCE - Inside 2014



Torn - Nathan Lanier

Vaszilenko Eugenia: Torn c. koreográfiája (Zene: Nathan Lanier: Humanity Motion; Torn)

"Millions eyes-Loïc Nottet" Chorégraphie : Lucas Defayolle

Cours modern jazz Lucas defayolle "5ème élement"

"In This Shirt" Kate Jablonski and Beyond Words Dance Company

Nathan Lanier - Sand (Live On Stage) - Choreography by Alex Imburgia

Mark Masri - I can`t make you love me | contemporary choreography by Yana Abraimova | D.side Dance

Torn - Open Lyrical Dance Class - Dale Pope

Danse contemporaine , Nathan Lanier Torn

1 Hour of "Torn" by Nathan Lanier

"Torn" - XIX International Ballet Festival of Miami 2014/USA

Choré Olafur Arnalds- Niveau inter Lucas DEFAYOLLE

Contemporary group dance - "Torn"

variation libre Examen d’Aptitude Technique (EAT) de danse jazz

So You Think You Can Dance 9 Top 20 FINALE- One of the best!

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