Pancor Jackhammer: The Real One

Download in HD Pancor Jackhammer: The Real One

AA-12. World's deadliest shotgun!

Streetsweeper Shotgun

SPAS 12 1080

CheyTac M200 Intervention

Most Unusual Over/Under Shotgun I've Seen

RPG-7: How it Works and a Demo Shot

20mm Lahti L39 Antitank Rifle (Shooting & History)

Nazi Belt Buckle Pistol at RIA

The Quietest Sniper Rifle Ever... and Why The Government Doesn’t Regulate It...

M134 Minigun: The Modern Gatling Gun

Semiauto FAMAS F1 Rifle

Shpagin's Simplified Subgun: The PPSh-41

H&K PSG-1: The Ultimate German Sniper Rifle

Enfield L85A1: Perhaps the Worst Modern Military Rifle

Union Pistol w/35-Round Horseshoe Magazine

The Ljutic Space Gun

The Puckle Gun: Repeating Firepower in 1718

Krummlauf Curved Barrel on an StG-44 at RIA

FG-42 German Paratroop Rifle (transferable) at RIA

Cobray Terminator 12ga Shotgun at RIA

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