Forgive Durden 

Download in HD Forgive Durden

Forgive Durden w/ Lizzie Huffman - The Missing Piece 11-7-08

Forgive Durden- Beware The Jub Jub and Shun The Frumious...

Municipal Waste-Boner City

Forgive Durden - The End and the Beginning (live in Tucson)

Razia's Shadow Instrumental Version- Toba the Tura

I'm A Sucker For Fakes - Forgive Durden

Pan's Labyrinth theme Lullaby on piano

Razia's Shadow - the Exit

Forgive Durden - "The End and the Beginning"

TFTBL: The AI and the Bandits

Why can't you be more like you brother

forgive durden... beware the jub jub bird

The Exit-Brendon Urie, Forgive Durden, Dan Young

Forgive Durden- The Spider and the Lamps

Razia's Shadow: The End And The Beginning (Brendon Urie, Dan Young, Greta Salpeter)

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