GSM ALERT: Fatal Cold, 'New' Ice Wall, Blizzard Warning, Infrastructure Destroyed 

Download in HD GSM ALERT: Fatal Cold, 'New' Ice Wall, Blizzard Warning, Infrastructure Destroyed

Russian Volcano First Major Eruption in 600 Years Following Mini Ice Age Cycles (339)

Canary Islands Volcano Alert - Tenerife, La Palma, El Hierro - Grand Solar Minimum Update

Big Data Finds the Medieval and Roman Warming were warmer than today - No Man Made Global Warming


GSM Update 1/2/18 - Record Cold New Year - Blizzard Warning - Global Warming Zharkova

Dangerously cold weather is enveloping more than half of the US

Mount St. Helens Is Rumbling! - magma may be shifting in the subsurface - earthquake swarm

FEELS LIKE A MINI ICE AGE IN U.S. - Arctic Outbreak Setting Record Cold Lows & Sweeps United States

Mini Ice age 2018 Episode 5 Cooling stages during a 1000year long solar minimum

Food Stampede, Amazonopoly, Indoor Growing, GSM News (e23)

Bombogenesis USA, Icy Sea Flooding and Blizzards Rage | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (502)

USA & Canada Prepare for the Winter of the Super Freeze

Frozen Sharks and Falling Iguanas? Wheat Winterkill. GSM History. (2018-1-5 part 1)

GSM Update 1/3/18 - Florida Freeze - Northeast Bombogenesis - UK Fireball - Science

Sunday Livestream: Adaptive Fungi; Seeds for Sovereignty in the GSM

Arctic temperatures could freeze Niagara Falls this winter

Storm Eleanor batters UK and Ireland with 100mph winds

Why is Flu at RECORD levels? Immunosuppressive effects of Solar Minimum / virus from outer space?

Mini Ice Age and Ice Age raw data

Blown Away by the Grand Solar Minimum; Avoiding Flu; Sourcing Silver

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