Valy Live in Oberhausen Arena Announcement Mitra ! 

Download in HD Valy Live in Oberhausen Arena Announcement Mitra !

Valy Oberhausen Concert

Valy Singing Khaab Live

Jiny Garuli Diary 2014 (Part 3/3) - Bellydance Lesson with Jiny and Mohammad Mehrabi

Valy with Hamid Rahimi and dj Besho in Oslo Norway

Aryana Sayeed Sould Out concert

Valy live in Concert Calgary 2014- Aman Aman

Valy London concert 23/03/14 Me & Valy. Two big kisses & two tight hugs xX

Valy Let's Dance LIVE in Calgary (OfficialValyMusic)

Valy Live In Auckland, New Zealand On August 8, 2014

KLM Entertainment With Malmo Tv

DEPECHE MODE @ Köpi Arena OBERHAUSEN 2013 FULL SHOW (well, almost...)

Celebrity Secrets by KLM with Mitra Kohzad

Shoma wa Million with Ali and Mitra شما و میلیون با علی اعتمادی و میترا کوهزاد

Valy Live in Birmingham, Dubai, London, & Calgary March-April 2014 (OfficialValyMusic)

Valy Live in Hofheim Sept 2011 Valy

Engar Na Engar - Mansour live in concert with Dancegroup Monira 2009

Valy Hedjasi new music video 2014 COPY JOON

Valy - Negare Jaan


Afshin Interview about Valy Hedjasi

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