The Seven Dialects of the Quran - Sheikh Adnan Abdul Qadir 

Download in HD The Seven Dialects of the Quran - Sheikh Adnan Abdul Qadir

Surah Fatiha in Seven Qir'aat Styles: Sheikh Hicham Ait Ben Ahmed - Teacher & Resident Imam

Surah Fatiha Recited in the 10 Qiraat

What are the seven different readings (qira'at) of the Qur'an? Dr. Shabir Ally explains

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How to Contemplate the Qur'an - Shaykh Adnan Abdul-Qadir

Variation in Recitation of Quraan

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Seven Salams In the Quran

Methodology in Studying Seerah - Shaykh Abdus Salam Faylakawi

Ruqyah To Get Jinns/Shayateen Out Of The Body - Evil Eye, Sihr, Possession

THE LOVE OF ALLAH By Sheikh Adnan Abdul Qadir


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