I'M NOT A ROBOT 로봇이 아니야 Ep 18 – I Love You...But I Need To Reset You | Watch Now On DramaFever! 

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.19,20Soo-bin is sob, Seung- ho's 'a buying agent,' on the phone.20180104

I Am Not a Robot - EP26 | Chae Soo Bin Asks for Forgiveness [Eng Sub]

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.17,18Yoo Seung-ho, disguised Chae Soo-bin, 'Aji 3'20180103

Heirs Ep 11 [Eng Sub] Eun sang, Young Do Tossed in the Pool What A Mess

Yoo Seungho Pressing the reset button [I am Not a Robot Ep 18]

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.11,12Seung Ho × Soo Bin, romantic kiss in umbrella♥20171221

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.19,20Seung-ho × Soo-bin, the fateful reunion on the train !?20180104

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.23,24Soo Bin, Seung-ho finally ending tears at the end20180111

THE BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD (HABAEK) Ep 12 – I'm Better Than A Mannequin

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.23,24 Seung-ho finally knows the identity of Soo Bin20180111

[BTS Part 3] I'm Not a Robot Behind The Scene // Chae Soo Bin make Yoo Seung Ho smile~so cute

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.19,20Seung-ho × Soo-bin sad after 'Aji 3' reset20180104

[I am Not a Robot] Special Clips_Behind the scenes

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.13,14Seung-ho and Seung-eon always imagine the kissing Soo-bin...!171227

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.03,04Seung-ho does not show allergic reaction to Soo-bin's touch20171207

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.13,14Seung-ho explodes to subin"From now on, you are not a friend"171227

I Am Not a Robot - EP5 | Accidentally Falling on Yoo Seung Ho [Eng Sub]

[ENG SUB] MAKING // I'm Not A Robot EP 29-30: SeungHo's AEGYO | SUBBED BY Hyunie Kim

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.09,10 Yoo Seung-ho, the only remedy is chae soo bin20171220


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