handmade gold ring with blue sapphire and diamonds

From Rock to Ring

Custom INVINCIBILITY STAR! Thanks to my customer for the lab made pendant purchase! Hip Hop Jewelry

How to Make a Paracord Cross (Necklace) by TIAT

Simple Paracord: Make a Chain (with Square knot, Snake knot, etc)

Custom Watches by LabMadeJewelry: "LMJ&Co" FULLY LOADED Stainless Steel Lab Made Diamond Watches!

How to tell if a diamond is real or fake.

Super Easy DIY Rubber Band Jewelry - Making Candy Color Flower Loom Bracelets

Cord Rosary Making - Part 1

Yiwu market /The biggest wholesale Clocks& Watches Market in China

$350 29 piece Wholesale deal! Lion Heads/OVO/Yeezy/Riley/Skateboards/Chains/Watches! Hip Hop

$180 11 piece Wholesale deal! Lion Head Pendants + Rosary/Herringbone/Rope chains +2 Iced Watches!

(SOLD)30 piece WHOLESALE DEAL! Rapper/Hip-Hop package for only $450!! Resell! LAB MADE JEWELRY

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