Track 7 - A Thousand Year, Minute-Long Intermission - Forgive Durden 

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Track 9 - It's True Love (Feat. Greta Salpeter) - Forgive Durden

Track 13 - The End And The Beginning (Feat. Greta Salpeter and Brendon Urie) - Forgive Durden

Track 11 - Holy The Sea (Feat. John Gourley and Kris Anaya) - Forgive Durden

Track 3 - Life is Looking Up - Forgive Durden

Track 2 - The Missing Piece (feat. Lizzie Huffman) - Forgive Durden

Track 4 - The Spider And The Lamps (Feat. Max Bemis) - Forgive Durden

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The Exit (feat. Brendon Urie and Dan Young) - Forgive Durden - Lyrics

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