41 Minutes of Spy Music - Instrumental Spy Themes 

41 minutes of Spy Music.


- YouTube Audio Library

- Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

- Teknoaxe (Teknoaxe.com) licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 By Attribution
No changes are made with the songs.

Tracklist (the names of the artists are in the video, at the beginning of each song):
00:00 Hitman
03:20 Hero Theme - MK2
04:49 Enemy Waters
07:21 Machinations
09:06 Basement Floor
10:52 Double Agent
12:50 Edge of the Knife
15:03 Day of Recon
17:37 On the Tip
19:03 Clandestine Cyphers and Operatives
22:11 Underground Enemy Base
26:35 Choose Your Path
27:57 Under Water Secret Base
31:15 The Framework
32:30 Spy Groove
35:31 Prelude and Action
37:10 Extinction Level Event
38:23 Run

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