[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.05,06Soo-bin is looking for perfume and falling into Seung-ho!20171213 

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.05,06 Can Chae Soo-bin save the crisis Yoo Seung-ho?20171213

[Two Cops]투깝스ep.13,14Jo jung suk, a stakeout kissing Lee Hye Ri20171218

Tera Intezaar || Tera Intezaar || I'm Not A Robot || Cute Korean mix

Любовь ведьмы🔮Witch's love (2018) Клип к дораме

W - EP 7 | Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo Cuddling in Bed

[MV] I Love You With All My Heart - Damsonegongbang || I’m Not a Robot OST Part 4

My Little Princess - EP5 | Trapped in a Closet [Eng Sub]

[Two Cops]투깝스ep.01,02Jo Jung-suk × Lee Hye-ri, unintentional stiff sleep!20171127

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.05,06 Seung-ho, Soo Bin The 'big accident' breaks down20171213

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.09,10 Yoo Seung-ho,"Relationships are rooted in someone's heart"20171220

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.05,06Yoo Seung-ho meets up with Hwang Seung-eon, 'First Love' 20171213

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.07,08Seung-ho promises Soo-bin to 'winter night where the castle falls'

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.05,06 Seung-ho warmly forgave Chae Soo-bin for a big accident.20171213

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.07,08 Yoo Seung-ho praises Chae Suebin's first aid20171214

I Am Not a Robot - EP8 | Are They About to Kiss? [Eng Sub]

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.05,06 Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo Bin, cute cat test "Who am I?"20171213

[ENG SUB] How will She become a ROBOT for $10,000?

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이아니야11,12Seungho×Soo-bin, Practice dating practice under the guidance of Min-ji

[I Am Not a Robot]로봇이 아니야ep.11,12Seung Ho × Soo Bin, romantic kiss in umbrella♥20171221

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