博多名物!塩もつ鍋♪ Salt Based Motsu Nabe♪ (Hakata Specialty) 猪或牛内脏锅♪



とんこつ風味で温まる♪ 豚もやしスープの作り方| How to make Pork Soup with Sprout

Motsu tuke shoyu udon♪ ~Udon noodle accompanied by soup for dipping with beef intestine~

焦がしにんにくのマー油と葱油が香る炒飯の作り方♪ Fried Rice with aromas of Ma-yu and Negi-abura♪ ~How to make Ma-yu~

おでん♪ ~おでん屋直伝の作り方!~ Oden♪ ~Oden shop real recipe!~

海老ペンネグラタン♪ Shrimp Penne Gratin♪

Fried mackerel with sweetened vinegar sauce♪ ~Lunch menu in family restaurant~

速攻で作る!中華丼♪ Starchy Sauce Rice Bowl(Chūkadon)♪  ~With Chinese soup~

たっぷり野菜の餃子♪ Gyoza full of vegetables♪

からし明太子のクリームパスタ♪ Cream pasta with spicy pollack roe(Karashimentaiko)♪ ~How to make spicy pollack roe~

Ichigo Daifuku♪ ~Strawberry Mochi Dumplings~

最高の味付けと柔らかさ♪定番豚の角煮 | How To Make Boiled Pork

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