[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.31,32Woo Do-hwan, Park Soo-young keeps to the end 20180501


[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.31,32 Woo Do-hwan ♥ Park Soo-young, ending happy reunion 20180501

Great Seducer EP1,2 Highlights and preview 위대한 유혹자1,2회

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.29,30Park Soo-young, Woo Do-hwan's clear position20180430

우도환X박수영(조이) 현실케미 -위대한 유혹자-

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.27,28Woo Do-Hwan makes a request to Park Soo-young20180424

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.31,32Kim Min-jae and Moon Ga-young reunite with a warm embrace20180501

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.21,22Park Soo-young, wrapping Woo Do-hwan again20180416

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.27,28Woo Do-Hwan - Park Soo-young, Important for two dates.♥20180424

[Preview 따끈예고] 20180430 Tempted 위대한 유혹자 ep.29,30

[Preview 따끈예고] 20180423 Tempted 위대한 유혹자 ep.25,26

[위대한 유혹자] 우도환 '말투'는 실화? 빵~터진 박수영(레드벨벳 조이) @제작발표회

위대한 유혹자 문가영 인성 논란 촬영장 후기

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.13,14Moon Ga-young, "Did I do wrong?"20180402

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.15,16Woo Do-hwan ♥ Park Soo-young, 'Sweet Kiss'20180403

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.09,10 Woo Do-Hwan's heart towards Park Soo-young !?20180326

[Preview 따끈예고] 20180423 Tempted 위대한 유혹자 ep.27,28

[우도환] 달달한 권시현 직진 모먼트 FMV/위대한 유혹자(The Great Seducer)

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.19,20Soo-young, a tearful passion to tell Do-hwan "Do not go away"20180410

[Preview 따끈 예고] 20180312 Tempted 위대한 유혹자 EP.1,2

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.25,26Do-hwan, a cold-hearted actor at Ga-young "Do not get caught between us"

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.07,08Woo Do-hwan ♥ Park Soo-young, heart check! Surprise kiss!20180320

[BTS][위대한 유혹자] Great seducer ep 21/22 making/Behind the Cute scenes/WooDoohwan/Joy.

[위대한 유혹자] 이별,남녀 예고편

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.17,18 Pre-release Woo Do-hwan♥Park Soo-young Dating market 20180409

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.17,18Do-hwan♥Soo-young, together with a throbbing night "I love you"

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.25,26 Pre-release Woo Do-hwan"Do you know who I met?" 20180416

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.05,06Woo Do-Hwan × Park Soo-young, thrilling remote ramen date20180319

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.29,30Woo Do-hwan, patience with Lee Jae-gyun! "Do not talk about Tae Hee"20180430

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.23,24Park Soo-young, heartbreak farewell to Woo Do-hwan20180417

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.05,06Kim Min-jae blows fist of fury for Moon Ga-young20180319

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.29,30Moon Ga-young, "You do not feel sorry for me."20180430

[BTS][위대한 유혹자] Great seducer ep 31/32 making/Behind the scenes/joy/MoonGayoung/KimMinjae

[위대한 유혹자] '은태희 꼬시기 대작전' 예고편

[Tempted]위대한유혹자09,10Ga-young is uncomfortable in the appearance of two affectionate people180326

[우도환]치명적인 섹시미 뽐내는 권시현 모먼트 모음/위대한 유혹자(The Great Seducer)

MBC 월화드라마 '위대한 유혹자' 조이,우도환 [1차 공식 티저] 3월 12일 첫방송

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.27,28Kim Min-jae exposes the secrets to Park Soo-young!20180424

[Preview 따끈예고] 20180430 Tempted 위대한 유혹자 ep.31,32

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.15,16Woo Do-Hwan cleans for Park Soo-young20180403

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.03,04Woo Do-hwan, Park Soo-young and sudden accident20180313

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.07,08Park Soo-young feels subtle feelings toward Woo Do-Hwan20180320

[Preview 따끈예고] 20180327 Tempted 위대한 유혹자 ep.13,14

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.09,10Unexpected awkwardness in Woo Do-hwan and Park Soo-young20180326

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.23,24Park Soo-young, comforts the worried Woo Do-hwan20180417

180116 "The Great Seducer" First Script Reading 위대한 유혹자

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.23,24Woo Do-hwan, "Friendship, I do not have that now"20180417

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.27,28Woo Do-hwan visits the school to see Park Soo-young20180424

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.11,12How Woo Do-hwan heals Park Soo-young's heart20180327

[Tempted]위대한 유혹자ep.27,28 Pre-release Woo Do-hwan conducts genetic tests 20180424

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