《Drama Trailer》凤囚凰 "Tale of Two Phoenixes", 关晓彤(Guan Xiaotong), 宋威龙(Song Weilong)


Untouchable Lovers - Chinese Drama 2018

Untouchable Lovers - EP1 | First Meeting in Bed [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP2 | Take Off Your Clothes [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP4 | Shirt Rips Open [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP23 | Drunk Piggyback Ride [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP8 | Love Me More [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP1 | Too Close [Eng Sub]

Fake Phoenixes (Поддельные фениксы) MV

A Tale of Two Cruisers - Omaha and Phoenix World of Warships Guide

Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud - Episode 1 (English Subbed)

Untouchable Lovers - EP23 | Waking Up Together [Eng Sub]

Hiểu Đồng+Uy Long funny song/Untouchable lover behind the scene/ 凤囚凰花絮: 关晓彤宋威龙片场就是大活宝

宋威龙和胡一天还真像 Song Weilong and Hu really like a day


[MV] The Wolf (狼殿下) Li Qin, Darren Wang and Xiao Zhan (The Fire Inside Me)

Untouchable Lovers - EP7 | Seductive Check-Up [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP6 | Sexy Sword Dancing [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP4 | Pull In Close [Eng Sub]

Song of Phoenix (思美人) - Episode 1 [Eng + Indo Subs] | Chinese Drama

Untouchable Lovers - EP3 | Whatever You Wish [Eng Sub]

宋威龙给签名啦好多照片哦 Song Weilong has signed a lot of pictures

Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors (凤凰无双, 2017) fantasy TV Series trailer

Untouchable Lovers - EP5 | Don't Push Me Away [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP18 | Wedding Scene [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP2 | Lovers' Tension [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP6 | Falling Asleep Together [Eng Sub]

Untouchable Lovers - EP9 | Trapped in a Carriage [Eng Sub]

Love of Aurora 05(Guan Xiaotong,Ma Ke)

To Be A Better Man ● [Trailer]Guan Xiaotong's high heels VS Zhang Yixing's chef hat

Song of Phoenix (思美人) - Episode 22 [Eng + Indo Subs] | Chinese Drama

To Be A Better Man ● [Trailer] Zhang Yixing & Guan Xiaotong "Little fortunate "

Song of Phoenix (思美人) - Episode 20 [Eng + Indo Subs] | Chinese Drama

[Two C-ents ENG SUB] Who is Not a Rebellious Youth (谁的青春不叛逆) Trailer

Chinese Paladin 5 36 (English Subtitle)

Emmy The Great - Second Love [Full album stream]

Bubble Trouble?! 🐦Niche: Wings of Wonder • #2

The Neverending Story (5/10) Movie CLIP - Through the Sphinxes' Gate (1984) HD

[Nosub] - Phượng Tù Hoàng (凤囚凰) trailer tập 29 // Sở Ngọc bị vu oan //

SMITE: The Tale Of Two Friends

he likes boys | WANG YIBO ft. luizy and guan xiaotong [fmv]

Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix (Official Video)

关晓彤 Guan Xiaotong

Rachel Momo - Top 8 Best Movies (毛晓彤)

The Power of Pack Loyalty • Dog Quest - Episode #3 - Part Two

King Is Not Easy 20(Zhang Yijie,Bai Lu)

Nautical Tales #5 - Thou SHALL NOT CAP!

Heroes of Might & Magic 3, Scenario; Rise Of The Phoenix

Building Rage [includes Reina's Rage] August 2017

Luhan Reportedly In Relationship With Chinese Actress Guan Xiao Tong

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