[Go Back Couple] Ep 1_The Moment When You Feel Embarrassed About Yourself


[HAPPY ENDING] Go Back Couple EP. 12 | 고백부부 | Jang Na Ra & Son Ho Joon [Final]

Go Back Couple - Ep. 12 Regreso a Casa (Sub Español)

Go Back Couple MV (Jin-Joo & Nam-Gil)

[Go Back Couple OST Part 4] Choi Nakta (최낙타) - Confession (고백) (고백부부 OST Part 4)

[Making] Romance and laughter on the Go Back Couple set (Eng Sub)

Go Back Couple Kiss Scene

Go Back Couple ep.12...Ban Do & Jin Joo Kiss

Jang Nara wins Excellence Award, "Son HoJun made me a married woman" [2017 KBS Drama Awards]

[Teaser] Hong Dae Kwang(홍대광) - AMAZING

[Deleted Scene] Go Back Couple EP 5 Unaired/Deleted Scene

[Go Back Couple] Ep 2_Memories are remembered at your convenience

Go back couple episode 9

Sohyang - Wind Song (Go Back Couple OST) [2017 KBS Drama Awards/2018.01.07]

Go Back Couple (Korean drama 2017) funny moments part 1

[Go Back Couple OST Part 3] 심규선 (Lucia) - Dream (고백부부 OST Part 3)

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[Greetings] Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun of "Go Back Couple"

[Go Back Couple OST Part 5] Lee Seok Hoon (이석훈) - You And I (우리라는 세상) 고백부부 OST Part 5

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Go Back Couple Epi 12 End

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Go back couple the funny bathroom scene

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【Confession Couple/Go Back】Ep 12 Happy Ending

Go Back Couple Episode 1 Tagalog Version June 11,2018 Episode Preview

•얼짱 커플• Cute couple kissing

[OFFICIAL TEASER] Go Back Couple//고백부터 Title Teaser

[Go Back Couple] Ep 2_Can You Picture Yourself Without Your Baby?

Go Back Couple comes to an end .

Go Back Couple MV

GO BACK COUPLE EP 1-2 with Eng Sub

[Go Back Couple] teaser 1 Jang Na Ra Korean drama

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Go back couple drama korea ini banyak bikin baper

소향 (Sohyang) Wind Song/Song Of The Wind [Han|Rom|Eng]Lyrics Go Back Couple

최낙타 (Choi Nakta) – 고백 lyrics (Confession Lyrics ) Go Back Couple OST Part 4 lyrics


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KBS WORLD e-TODAY : Behind Stories on Song Joongki-Song Hyekyo Couple [ENG/2017.07.06]

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[Go Back Couple] Ep 1_If You Could See Your Mother Again

[Engsub] Epilog Go Back Couple episode 7 / 고백부부 7 ~ Jang Nara

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