Jaesim (korean movie 2017)


재심 (New Trial, 2017) 예고편 (Trailer)

Jae Sims - "843 IN ME" (Official Music Video)

Back to life (original) by Jae Sim

Mosys bowling - Jae Sim

The call outs.

TF Test 1

Vayne Death clip

Sivir Death clip

Sona ADC

Mold on Pizza Deluxe -By YOUNG JAE SIM - IOS/Android

Real Boxing #3/T2 | Tanaja Gamer vs Ujin Jae-Sim! | Gameplay en Español

Testing part 2 Heros of the storm

Ryze Top

Lee Sin Jungle 01/02/17

Twitch ADC 10/28/17


Taric Support

Nidalee Jungle 10/30/17

Caitlyn Adc 05/17/17

Lux Bind, Mario Scream

Lux support with Homan 12/24/16

Gang Plank with Homan against Doom BOTS

Coaching part 2 05/09/17

Zoning with Jhin ult clip

Rocket league 10/29/17

Miss Fortune ADC 05/16/17

Miss Fortune ADC 05/16/17

Korean Movie with English Subtitles 2017. HD!

Volibear Top with V 12/24/16

Tristana ADC 10/24/17

Lulu Support 10/09/17

Xayah Adc Death clip

Maokai Jungle 05/27/17

Miss Fortune ADC 05/18/17

Silver Bolt Proc #2 Vayne Clip

QUADRA KILL CLIP Miss Fortune ADC 05/16/17

Blitzcrank Support 10/27/17

Ashe ADC 10/24/17

Jinx ADC 05/14/17

Miss Fortune ADC Triple Kill 05/16/17 Clip


Coaching Homan as he plays Sion Top

Miss Fortune ADC 05/18/17

Miss Fortune ADC 05/17/17

Bard Support 05/11/17

Xayah ADC 05/14/17

Twitch ADC 10/24/17

Ashe ADC 10/23/17

Twitch ADC vs Ashe Bot Lane

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