I'm born to be who I am : a proud transgender woman and this is my journey | Nisha Ayub | TEDxIMU


Quorum: Nisha Ayub of Malaysia

Transgenders ordeal

Mujahid: I ordered removal of LGBT activists’ portraits from George Town Festival

'Religious authorities never going to win awards': Marina

Malaysia's 'first' transgender in politics hopes to empower her community

Minister acknowledges transgender’s right to use public toilets, activist calls it a ‘progress’

Mujahid did the right thing taking down my portrait, says Nisha Ayub

Seed Foundation launches first elderly home for transwomen

Nisha Ayub《On The Hot Seat》近看妮莎雅尤

Real-life Stories with Nisha Ayub

'Jangan diskriminasi golongan transgender'


Rupanya Ini Perbincangan Dr Mujahid Dengan Mak Nyah Nisha Ayub Tentang Hak LGBT Di Malaysia

Buck Angel visits Nisha Ayub - Seed Foundation Malaysia

Nisha Ayub talks about trans rights in Malaysia

'Tak pernah ada menteri dengar keluhan kami'

No Malaysia Baru for the LGBT community

Mujahid: Tiada ikon lain?

Senator BN kaitkan permainan 'angry bird' dalam isu transgender

Interview Dengan Nisha Ayub Aktivis LGBT

Maya Jafar reads as Nisha Ayub (Malaysia)

Penang lawmaker questions the necessity to remove photos of LGBT activists

Mujahid mohon maaf

GEMPAR : Pertemuan & Kenyataan JAKIM bersama Nisha Ayub (Transgender)


Nisha Ayub - About Transgenders in Malaysia

Nisha Ayub - Nisha's House

Nisha Ayub Updated

Sidang Media~ Menteri YB Mujahid Dan Aktivis LGBT Nisha Ayub di Kompleks Islam Putrajaya

Nisha Ayub - Her Journey

Nisha Ayub - Thoughts on Being In The Documentary

GTLF 2017: My Love Nisha Ayub Doing What She Does Best

Nisha Ayub - Fashion and Sense

Nisha Ayub talks about SEED Malaysia . SEED needs your help .... please donate to SEED

From toilet to jobs, Mujahid pledges to make life better for transgenders

Malaysia one of worst places for transgenders

Real-life Stories with Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir

Nisha Ayub - Getting Ready for the Big Day

Nisha Ayub - I Love My Job

Nisha Ayub - At Work

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Lightning round: Going global (Pride and Prejudice

Nisha Ayub - My Thoughts about Discrimination against Transgenders in Malaysia

The story of a transgender woman - Part 1: The dilemma of a reunion

ISU LGBT - Dato' Dr. Mujahid Yusuf dan Nisha Ayub

Secretary Kerry's Remarks at 2016 International Women of Courage Award

What Motivates Nisha Ayub

Nisha Ayub wants the transgender to share the toilet with women

SEED's Nisha Ayub on respecting self-identification

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