Muhammad Swazuri's arrogance finally silenced with steael-handcuffs


Mwenyekiti wa NLC Mohammed Swazuri afikishwa mahakamani.

Former minister Mwakwere weighs in on the arrest of NLC chair Swazuri

National Land Commission Chair Mohammed Swazuri in Court.

THIS MAN SWAZURI: Mohammed Swazuri has been at the helm of NLC for 6 years

NLC Chair Swazuri and 6 others arrested over SGR compensation

Muhammad Swazuri humbled after months of spitting fire

Charges facing National Land Commission chairman Mohammed Swazuri

NLC Chair Swazuri, KRC MD Atanas Maina, 6 others arrested

EACC reveals why Swazuri, six others were arrested

National Land Commission Chair Muhammad Swazuri allows sea wall building

Swazuri denies charges, freed on a Sh6 million bond in SGR saga

High court set to deliver ruling against NLC chair Swazuri

EACC officials raid the home of Land's commission chairman Swazuri

National Land Commission chair Mohammed Swazuri to be arraigned in court

Zimwi la Ruaraka: Mohammad Swazuri adai kufuata sheria

Witnesses testify against NLC Chairperson Mohammed Swazuri

Muhammad Swazuri remains on the spot after revelation of non-existent letter

NLC chair Swazuri put to task over compensation of land taken over by SGR project

Swazuri to spend weekend in police cells

Swazuri to defend himself in court against receiving a bribe

NLC chair Swazuri dismisses Senate report on land

Swazuri, 6 others arrested over SGR compensation

Swazuri, Atanas Maina arrested in fraudulent SGR compensation scam

NLC chairman Muhammad Swazuri and Atanas Maina charged in Milimani court

NLC chairman Swazuri accuses the state of infringing on his rights following his arrest by EACC

| TONIGHT | Swazuri defends Ruaraka Land payout

Swazuri azungumuzia mgogoro wa ardhi ya Ruaraka | Leo Mashinani

Swazuri: Ruaraka land is private property

NLC Chairman Swazuri insists Ruaraka land is private

Swazuri, Maina, 15 others charged, freed on bail

Muhammad Swazuri released on Ksh. 3.5M cash bail

MONDAY SPECIAL: Swazuri land fury

Anti-corruption purge: Swazuri, 11 others released on Ksh3.5M cash bail or Ksh 6M bond

EACC raids Swazuri's home

Swazuri accuses state of infringing on his rights

DPP approves Muhammad Swazuri charges against Irregular compensation of land

Swazuri, railways MD Maina barred from office #MondaySpecial

Taj Mall owner, Swazuri clash over its future

Muhammad Swazuri asisitiza kuwa ardhi ya Ruaraka haikuwa imesalimishwa kwa serikali

Muhammad Swazuri and Atanas Maina among the 7 officers arrested by EACC

Mohammed Swazuri and co-accused to spend weekend under EACC custody

Swazuri ,washukiwa 5 waachiliwa kwa dhamana ya milioni 3.5 pesa taslimu

Muhammad Swazuri confirms NLC investigated by EACC over Ruaraka land scandal

NLC Chair Swazuri says disputed land compensation was legal

Swazuri, Maina wakanusha mashtaka

Swazuri's scandal-ridden tenure

Swazuri confirms EACC is probing lands commission over Ruaraka land row

Swazuri, Atanas Maina washikwa

P.S Belio, NLC Chair Swazuri on the spot over Ruaraka land sale

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