ABC News (Australia) theme music | 1985 - 2005


ABC News theme music (2017): Stings and Closer

ABC News theme music: Opening Headlines & Closer (2010)

ABC News theme music (2005-2010)

ABC News 24 theme music: Version 1 (2010- )

ABC News 24 theme music: Version 3 (2010- )

Australian News Themes: ABC, SBS, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10

ABC Theme - Pendulum Remix (3 min track with fade out) proper ABC logo

ABC Majestic Fanfare

ABC Australia - The National bulletin (May 1985) [incomplete]

1985 ABC TV News Australia

ABC News (Australia) intros 1953 - 2017

ABC News Breakfast - Opener (2.6.2015)

ABC News - 3pm AEST Bulletin opener (10th April 2017)

ABC News opener 10 April 2017 new graphics

ABC News (Australia) closing theme music | 2010

Mock: ABC News Opener With Nine News Theme

ABC Australian news theme 2005-2010

PENDULUM "ABC News" Theme Live

ABC "News Breakfast" new graphics

ABC News - 12pm AEST Bulletin relaunch (10th April 2017)

ABC News Tasmania Theme Music - Composed by Martin Armiger [2015]

ABC News - Pendulum Remix (WITH DOWNLOAD)

Pendulum - ABC News Theme (Director's Cut)

Charles Williams composed ABC News theme, Dream of Olwen, etc

ABC News Full Closing Theme 2005-2010


Mock | ABC News 24 Using BBC World News Countdown Theme

ABC Austrailan news 2010-2017 theme

ABC News Australia - Breakfast [Initial Graphic Mock]

ABC News Theme Music (2010)

The first episode of ABC's This Day Tonight aired 50 years ago, and it hasn't aged a day

Pendulum - ABC News Theme (Remix) (HD - 320 kb/s) (WITH DOWNLOAD!)

ABC News 24 theme music: Opening Headlines & Closer (2010)

ABC News Theme (2010- ) [7PM NEWS & NEWS24 MASH UP]

ABC News 24 Intro - Pendulum Remix

ABC News NSW - Montage (10.4.2017)

ABC News Intro/Outro (2017-)(SD)

ABC News Theme - Pendulum Drum Cover

Majestic Fanfare (ABC Radio News Theme)

ABC Radio News Theme

ABC News (Australia) closing theme | 2005

ABC News Australia Music Theme 1985-2005 Remixed by Pendulum

ABC News 24 Farewell Message April 2017

ABC News Theme (Pendulum Remix) + Download Link (320 kbits) [HD]

ABC News Sydney 7pm opening theme Feb 1987

ABC News Theme Music

ABC & SBS News Theme

ABC News 24 theme music: Version 2 (2010- )

ABC news tv theme on piano - Hanna Silver