Axe Fx Ultra - Melodic Liquid Lead Tone


Axe FX II: My Patches

Axe Musicstar - CanciĆ³n : Da King (Reims Animal Music)

Suhr Classic and Axe Fx II - bluesy tone

My Tone.

The Siege Machine on the AXE FX ULTRA tone/mix test

Axe-Fx Tone Test JS1000 #2 (axe fx)

AxeFx2 Tutorial (EN): Great Acoustic Guitar Sound with Tonematching

hendrix tone match axe fx ii

Pete Thorn "Tone Matches" his SL68 with the Axe FX 2

Axe FX 2 - Disturbed Tone Match

#IconsOfMetal 2016 Tone Matched Preset Pack for AXE FX II and AX8

Axe FX - STP CORE Tone Match

Late Night Les Paul Tones With The Axe Fx ll XL

Axe Fx 2 Tone Matching - Ola style

Dimebag - I'm Broken - Axe FX 2 Tone Match Attempt

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Axe Fx II - Budda Twinmaster tones

Axe-Fx II Quantum 2.01 Beta Strat Tones

Axe FX II Gorgeous Clean Tone Solo

Axe Fx Mesa Boogie Recto & Mark(Solo) Tone test.avi

The Axe

Axe FX - Megadeth Tone Match

Axe Music star full song (Abhijay Singh).mp4

Axe fx ultra Metal tone with Music man JP70

#CloneTones - S.O.A.D - Chop Suey - AXE FX II / AX8

Axe FX II Demo of the Hook amp model - awesome tone

Pantera - I'm Broken Tone Match Preset Pack for AXE FX II and AX8

Axe FX 2 searching for guitar tones

#IconsOfMetal - 2016: Megadeth "Dystopia" | Tone Match Preset Pack for AXE FX II and AX8

Oni 8 string Macassar Ebony Top & Axe FX Standard test (Meshuggah - Bleed cover)

Fractal Audio Axe-FX 2 high gain tutorial. FW14. CabLab2. Axe-Edit3

Axe Fx Standard Tone Test 'The Djentleman'

Axe Fx 2 XL - Demiurge - Meshuggah (ToneMatch)

Lawrence Petross Demo of Tone Matching with the Axe FX II at Axe Fest West Coast 2012

Axe FX II XL - "Adam Holdsworth" Clean Chorus Sound

Axe-Fx II demo crunch tone, playing "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"

NY Amp Show- Axe-Fx II demo by Carl Roa - Tone Match

Decathectus Audio - Axe-Fx Tones - Re-amping Services


Purchasing an Electric Guitar Axe Music - Tim Hayoz

Axe FX II First Impressions and First Preset


trey anastasio tone example using axe-fx ultra

Axe FX 2 Tone Match - System Of A Down

Axe Fx II - Bass Preset 1.06 Q Dingwall-SeeD

Axe Fx Ultra: Metallica - Master of Puppets

Part B8: Where the Streets Have No Name - Edge vs. Axe-Fx (Tutorial / Lesson)

Marty Friedman - Tibet - Logitech C910 + Axe FX Clean

Axe-Fx II XL Test (Firmware v18.08)