Chante Moore - REAL ONE (Official Video)


Chante Moore - It's Alright

Listen To My Song

I'm What You Need - Chante Moore

Chantè Moore - Something To Remember

Love's Taken Over

Keith Washington & Chante Moore - I Love You (Video) HD

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Chanté Moore - It's Alright

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Chante Moore - Chante's Got A Man (LYRICS + FULL SONG)

Chanté Moore- This Christmas

Chante Moore - Inside My Love

Chante's Got A Man

When I Say I Do Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore

Chanté Moore - Chante's Got A Man

Chante Moore Thank You For Loving Me

Chante' Moore - I'm What You Need (live).mp4

Real One

Kenny G & Chante Moore - One More Time

Chanté Moore — The Christmas Song (Audio)

It's Alright

Chante Moore Fight

Chanté Moore - "Talkin' In My Sleep" Lyric Video

Chante Moore - Loves Still Alright (Video) HD

Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - Make It Last Forever

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Chanté Moore Listen to My Song a cappella (Live)

Chante Moore - Old School Lovin' (1994)

Candlelight & You

Listen To My Song Chante Moore

Candlelight And You - Chante Moore And Keith Washington

Chante Moore "Jesus I Want You"

Chante Moore Loves Taken Over W. Lyrics ♥

Chante Moore - Wonders Song

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Chante Moore I Cry To Myself

Kenny G. featuring Chante' Moore - One More Time

Chante Moore Make Me Like The Moon

OLd School Classic R&B Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore (Born Again)

Rejoice (Clap Your Hands) - Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore-Lattimore

Chanté Moore - Bitter [HQ]

Chanté Moore - Chante's Got A Man [Radio Edit]


Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - You Don't Have To Cry

Kenny G - One more time (lyrics)

Chante Moore (My Ultimate Whistle-Tone Singer Strikes Again) "It's Alright" LIVE

Chante Moore - In My LIfe

Chante Moore performs new song "talking in my sleep"-abc7chicago (June.16th,2013)

The Isley Bros ft. R. Kelly and Chante Moore - Contagious (2001)

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