24 of the Best of Chimaira (Greatest Hits)

Top 5 Chimaira Songs

chimaira songs

Chimaira - Jason Suecof Song


Lord Marius Pics/Chimaira songs

Chimaira - Wrapped In Violence

New Chimaira song Eye Despise -- New Vital Remains -- MPIRE OF EVIL Interview -- Sonata Arctica

Chimaira Severed

Chimaira - The Year of The Snake (Official Video)

New Chimaira Song!

Chimaira - Implements of Destruction

Top 10 Heaviest Chimaira RIFFS

Chimaira - Pure Hatred (Lyrics)

Chimaira - Comatose (Drum Cover by JD)

Rock/Metal Playlist 4 - 30 Songs - 2h 6mins

Chimaira, Dead Inside.

Chimaira, Lazarus.

Chimaira - Year of the Snake (guitar cover)

Chimaira song mashup

Chimaira Save Ourselves

Implements Of Destruction by Chimaira

Chimaira - The Flame (Live in Vienna)

On Broken Glass- Chimaira

guitar tap / chimaira song

Chimaira Dead inside

Chimaira - Implements of Destruction (Instrumental Audio Track)

This time it's not a GP6 song - Chimaira.

Chimaira SP Lit

Chimaira-Secrets Of The Dead

Chimaira - I Despise - NEW SONG - Live - 2013

Chimaira - The Age of Hell - Samples

Chimaira "SIX" (Guitar cover) !!!THIS IS CHIMAIRA'S SONG!!!

Chimaira - I Despise - New Song

Chimaira - Power Trip [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Chimaira - The Disappearing Sun & Severed - Cover

Chimaira - The Impossibility Of Reason

Chimaira - Samsara - LYRICS (NEW ALBUM DOWNLOAD 2011)

CHIMAIRA - No Mercy (official video)

Chimaira - All That's Left Is Blood

Chimaira Lumps

Chimaira - Threnody

Chimaira - Stays the Same

chimaira-the flame

Chimaira - Crown Of Phantoms (Official Video)

Chimaira - Empire

Webisode 005 - Chimaira

black ops 2 - chimaira

Chimaira - New Apocalypse (Bonus)

Chimaira - Balls To The Wall