How To Perform Bas Rutten's Rear Naked Choke


Coolie Cut - Chokehold

Gym Class Heroes: Cupid's Chokehold ft. Patrick Stump [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

XXXtentacion - Cooliecut - Chokehold

Chokeholds do NOT cause Bruises, LET ME PROVE IT! FaZe Banks vs Jake Paul Drama full of lies

A Nation In The Chockhold Of Deceit

Cupid's Chockhold

Children Of Bodom - Chokehold (Cocked 'n' Loaded) /w Lyrics!

AJ Green vs Jalen Ramsey FIGHT Punches and chock hold

Your In A ChockHold!(Day 76)

Pornography - Breaking the chockhold on the church

Reclamatie [upK]Chockhold

20160103_Adam Lambert_The Original High Tour Beijing_Runnin' & Chockhold & Sleepwalker

Adam Lambert - ChockHold

cupid chockhold 2

With Guns Blazing - Patience has a Chockhold (Fish)

cool chipmuncks (naruto chockhold)


Adam Lambert Chockhold, Sleepwalker Boston, House Of Blues, 24.02.2016. The Original High Tour

13 - Chockhold - WinStar - 2012-07-27.MOV

Adam lambert Runnin chockhold sleepwalker Live Original high tour 2016

2016.1.5 Adam Lambert The Original High Tour - Runnin' & chockhold & Sleepwalker

clint sails down chock hold on raft

Cupid's Chockhold-Gym Class Heroes-STL CONCERT 2009




Being In A Chock Hold Glitch Gets Me KILLED Pt.1 | FRIDAY THE 13TH : THE GAME

cupids chock hold

Sorry But I Don't Have My License ! | Chock Hold Glitch Pt.2

Being In A Chock Hold Glitch Gets Me KILLED Pt.1 | FRIDAY THE 13TH : THE GAME

'I can't breathe' protests growing across U.S.

ChockHold Adam Lambert

Tommy Joe Ratliff - Better than I know myself + Chockhold, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 20.03.13

04-01-16 Adam Lambert-Running/Chockhold/Sleepwalker-Las Vegas,The Foundry

Damm chock hold

Store Owner Attacks African American Woman

04-02-016 Adam Lambert- Running/Chockhold/Sleepwalker -LosAngeles, The Orpheum Theatre

Adam Lambert 04-03-16 - Running/Chockhold/Sleepwalker - The Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

Chock Hold

Runnin'/ Chock Hold /Sleep Walker 16/01/2016

dominique in the nigerian chock-hold

Gym Class Heroes - Chock hold/ New single Neon Hitch - Ass back home

fighting chock hold

Battlefield 1: Epic Snipes

American Indian Student Tells Blacks "We Are Your Allies"

Cupid chock-hold Travie McCoy

メルボルン26日 CHOCK HOLD

Triangle Chock Hold - Karate

fastest time for someone to tap out of a chock hold

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