► 1 Hour And 30 Mins Of The Best Dead By April Songs Of All Time [Gaming Music Mix]


Dead by April - Warrior

Dead by April - Calling

Dead by April - Breaking Point (Lyric Video)

Dead by April - As A Butterfly

3. Dead By April - Losing You (CD-Q + Lyrics!)

Dead by April - Beautiful Nightmare

Dead by April - Losing You

Dead By April - Cause I Need You

Dead by April - Promise Me

Best 12 Songs Dead By April

4. Dead By April - What Can I Say (CD-Q + Lyrics!)

Dead By April - Love Like Blood [HD]

Dead By April Top 10.wmv

Dead by April - My Tomorrow [Lyrics] HQ

Dead By April - Let The World Know - Full Album

Dead by April - Too Late FULL Song - Incomparable 2011

Breaking Point - Dead By April (Lyrics)

Dead by April - Lost

Dead By April - Hold On

Dead By April - Let The World Know

12. Dead By April - A Promise (CD-Q + Lyrics!)


Dead By April - Replace You - Lyrics - New

Dead by April - Stronger

Dead by April - Calling (with lyrics)

Dead by April - Playing With Fire (Lyric Video)

11. Dead By April - Carry Me (CD-Q + Lyrics!)

Dead By April - I Made It ( Lyrics )

Dead by April - Crossroads

1. Dead By April - Trapped (CD-Q + Lyrics!)

DEAD BY APRIL- Crying Over You (2016 TEASER- The Dance Floor Massacre Remix)

Dead By April - Incomparable [Full Album]

8. Dead By April - Sorry For Everything (CD-Q + Lyrics!)

Dead by April - Mystery FULL Song 2012

Dead by April - As a Butterfly

Dead by April - 'Worlds Collide' Acoustic Previews

Dead by April - Calling FULL Song - Incomparable 2011

7. Dead By April - Falling behind (CD-Q + Lyrics!)

Dead by April - Our Worlds Collide (Lyric Video)

Dead By April - Losing You (lyrics)

Dead by April- Lost lyrics

Dead by April - My Tomorrow - W/Lyrics - Let the World Know

Dead by April- Beautiful Nightmare *FULL SONG* (HD1080p)

Dead by April - Crossroads FULL Song - Incomparable 2011

9. Dead By April - In My Arms (CD-Q + Lyrics!)

Dead By April - Within My Heart w/ Lyrics

Dead By April - Playing With Fire (demo 2016) NEW

Dead by April - More Album Previews 2017

Dead by April - Sorry For Everything