Tonight (Official Music Video by Dommin)

Beautiful Extras! (Exclusive Dommin Songs For Pledgers)

Dommin - Cola

Dommin - Love You To Death

Dommin - Criminal (Official Music Video)

Dommin - Rise (Official Music Video)

Dommin - Tonight

Closure (Official Music Video by Dommin)

Dommin - So Alone (Official Music Video)

Painful debut album for goth rocker Dommin

Dommin - The Quiet Man (Official Music Video)

Dommin - Dark Holiday (Live Footage)

Dommin Making The Most Acoustic, Jager Stage,Download Festival 2010

Dommin interview - Kristofer Dommin (part 1)

Dommin - Desire

I Still Lost - Dommin (lyrics)

Kristofer Dommin - Wicked Game

Dommin - Save A Prayer (Audio)

Dommin Launches PledgeMusic Campaign for NEW ALBUM!

Kristofer Dommin - I'm Your Man (Acoustic Cover)

Dommin - New Album (Teaser)

playing some dommin

Dommin interview - Kristofer Dommin (part 6)

My Heart, Your Hands (Official Music Video by Dommin)

Dommin - Next Day Apologies (Official Music Video)

Dommin - Remember

Dommin - Making The Most

Dommin Studio Teaser

Dommin- i am not like you

Dommin - My Heart, Your Hands


Dommin Awake

Beautiful Crutch Album Preview

Dommin- Dyin' on the Radio

Pijnlijk debuut voor gothrockers van Dommin

Dommin interview - Kristofer Dommin (part 5)

Dommin - (I Just) Died in your Arms Tonight

Kristofer Dommin - Precious

Kristofer Dommin - Breathe Me

Dommin interview - Kristofer Dommin (part 3)

Dommin - My Heart, Your Hands - Lyrics

My Reality (Acoustic) (Alternate Lyrics)

Dommin - Tonight

Dommin - One Feeling

DOMMIN - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - live @ Alcatraz, Milano, Italy - 02.03.2010

Dommin interview - Kristofer Dommin (part 2)

Dommin Love is gone (lyrics under video)

Kristofer Dommin - I'm Your Man

Dommin interview - Kristofer Dommin (part 4)

Dommin - Dark Holiday