Bond theme song on Eigenharp

Eigenharp demonstration

Game of Thrones theme - Live on Eigenharp Alpha

Lovely Eigenharp Alpha Performance

Moby Extreme Ways on the Eigenharp (from Bourne Ultimatum)

Fur Elise on an Eigenharp

Eigenharp range demo

Paradise (Coldplay) - Eigenharp Alpha Arrangement - Technical Demo

Eigenharp Pico - Live smooth jazz sax improvisation

The Misty Mountains Cold (Eigenharp cover)

Kayla Kavanagh ~ Eigenharp Alpha @ Edinburgh Fringe 2011

"Wish You Were Here" cover on the Eigenharp Alpha

Ghost Town on the Eigenharp

The Eigenharp Tau

Dj Shadow cover on the Eigenharp!

The Eigenharp Alpha

Battlestar Galactica Cylon theme on Eigenharp Alpha

J.S. Bach - Prelude in C major - Eigenharp Alpha

Eigenharp Pico - 1st entry for the 'Win an Alpha' competition

Eigenharp Pico

Eigenharp Pico - An Introduction Part 1


Macedonian Morning performed on the Eigenharp Alpha

Eigenharp: instrument of the future?

Eigenharp Trio Improvisation at Electro-Music 2013

Theme from the Titanic played on the Eigenharp Alpha

Ludlow Guitars - New York City Eigenharp Dealer

Salmon Tails - Eigenharp Pico and Ukulele

Eigenharp : Gnossienne #1 (updated)

Eigenharp Alpha and Pico in action at Musikmesse 2010

Eigenlabs Part 2: Eigenharp Alpha

Eigenlabs Eigenharp

Experiment with Aalto and Eigenharp

The Eigenharp Range

For Eigenharp and DIY Reactable - NIME 2016 Introduction Concert

Eigenharp Alpha : Wuthering Heights

Improvisations on an Eigenharp in MOS 0.731748 15

Eigenharp Pico Blues

Eigenharp Developers Conference 2012

Albino Iseli Tearing It Up On The Eigenharp Tau!!!!!!

Eigenharp meets the Guildhall School of Music and Drama

【DEMO】Eigenharp PICO

Eigenharp Masterclass

Eigenlabs Eigenharp Tau - NAMM 2010

Eigenharp Tau Trumpet Blues (Breath Pipe Demo)

Eigenharp Pico - Live recording "Winter Movement"

Tetris Theme on the EigenHarp Pico

Eigenharp Alpha Hang Drum improvisation

Musikmesse 2010: Eigenlabs Eigenharp

James Bond theme on Eigenharp