Marikina River water level continues to rise


Heavy rain floods Metro Manila

Heavy traffic, flooding due to monsoon rains in Quezon City

Low Lying Areas Flooded As Water Level Increased In Periyar | Mathrubhumi News

Kerala Rain : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan visits flood affected areas

ദുരിത മേഖലകളിൽ മുഖ്യമന്ത്രി | CM visit flooded area | Kerala flood

Commuters wade through España flood

Chief Minister Pinarayi vijayan to visit flood affected areas tomorrow

Chest-deep flood at San Mateo, Rizal

അണക്കെട്ട് തുറന്നതിന്റെ ആകാശ കാഴ്ച | Aerial View of flood-hit areas in Kerala

Residents recovering after flooding devastates parts of New Jersey

Kerala rain : Helicopter view of flood affected areas

Flooded areas in Quezon City

Areas that have been flooded in Kenya after heavy rains

Heavy rain, flooding in Manggahan, Quezon City

Disaster Prep. Minister, deputy visit flooded areas

Bihar Flood Situation Worsens As Koshi, Mahananda Rivers Inundate New Areas

Chief of India's northern state visits flooded areas

Bride wades up the aisle during Philippines flood

Why some Metro Manila areas are flood-prone

Marikina River reaches 20.32 meters

UK floods: the worst hit areas

ABP News office flooded in Rajbagh area of Srinagar

Houston tries to save some areas by flooding others

Keeping Children Safe From Drowning in Flooded Areas

Kerala Rain : Drinking water issue in Flooded area

Dover, PA Area Severe Thunderstorm And Flooded Roads - 7/14/2017

Chennai: After waterlogging mess, efforts on to drain water from flooded areas

Fort Pierce police use MRAPS to help people in flooded areas

German Chancellor Visits Flooded Areas | People & Politics

Latest update on floods in Nairobi and surrounding areas

Rains wreak havoc in Kerala, flood situation after 2 more shutter of Idukki dam opened

Lamu county commissioner warns locals to avoid flooded areas

Several areas in Quezon City flooded

More than 3,000 people rescued in flooded areas in Kilifi

Cars getting towed out of flooded areas in Fort Myers on Island park Rd

People's Representatives Ignored Flooded Areas And Victims| Mathrubhumi News

Kozhikode high range areas under heavy flood

Bandila: MMDA releases list of flood-prone areas in Metro Manila

Mombasa county disaster team to inspect flooded areas

Calif. Emergency Management Officials Survey River Systems & Flooded Areas

Panchnama (09.08.2018): Flood water enters posh areas of Kerala as city witnesses continuo

പ്രളയത്തിൽ വലഞ്ഞവർക്ക് ആശ്വാസവുമായി മമ്മൂട്ടി | Mammotty at camp | Kerala flood

Downpour floods multiple areas in Toronto

Stranded Families Plucked Out of Harvey's Flood

Kerala CM Vijayan conducts aerial survey of flood affected areas

Canadian army presence tripled in Quebec to assist in flooded areas

As DVC released water a vast area of Bankura flooded

Kerala CM P Vijayan Conducts Aerial Survey of Flood Hit Areas || కేరళను వీడని వరద బీభత్సం

Kerala Floods: Rains Claim 22 Lives, Idukki Dam Opened After 26 Years | The Quint

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