Love - Hindi Song Soothing Music

Bollywood (Candleight Dinner Hindi Songs)

Yara Muje Ishq Hua - Oriental Bar Music Hindi Music

India del Mar (Bollywood Music)

Power of Your Mind - Hindi Study Music for Concentration

Lounge Meditation (Background Dinner Music)

Yanni Yanni - Hindi Traditional Music

Hindi Ko Matanggap

Raga Nat Tinariwen (Orient World Dj)

Zap Hiami (Mama Lounge Dj)

Bansuri (Indian Flute Chill Out Music Bamboo Flute)

Jai Ho Ravi Chill (Chillout Shankar Instrumental Music)

Music for Restaurants

Santoor (Buddha Lounge Bar Music Mix)

Relaxation at the Beach (Balearic House Mix)

Tabla Magic Sunset (World Drums of the World)

The Party (Indian Sitar Magic)

Diamonds & Pearls (Dinner Party Music)

Sari Kashmir (Indian Chillout Devotional Song)

Punjabi Music (World Music Bar)

Indian Restaurant Music

Relaxing Music for Indian Head Massage

Osho Indian FLute with Tibetan Bells for Relaxation II

Taylor Swift - Love Story

A Romantic Solution (Or Charade)

Hi - Ho

Monosyllabic Saliva

The Truce

The Wave

C'est pas toi

La brújula interna

Pitbull - Hotel Room Service

Deep in the Sea


Bad Karma

Last Night

You're Unstoppable

Sad Bossa

Another Man (Malik Remix)

Deep Voice

Destination: Death

Barkah la tzidouhch

Ibiza Connection Vol.1 DJ Set (Dj Set)

Shayne Ward - No Promises

Forest Stream - Koto Indian Songs

Bollywood Lounge

Bollywood Music (Buddha Lounge Bar Music Mix)

Wonderful Harem

Cesio (Someone Outside Remix)

Moon Bound