Deep Zone Project ft Nadia - I love my DJ LIVE


Deep Zone Project LIVE @ Coca Cola Happy Energy Tour 2012 THEVOICE

Deep Zone feat. Zory - Follow Me (live in Los Angeles @ club Lure) 31.05.2014

Deep Zone Project - I love my DJ Plovdiv

made fo loving you deep zone project sung by zory kalcheva remix by DJ creck meat eater

made for loving you deep zone sung by zory kalcheva remix by DJ creck (meat-eater)

Deep Zone- I love my DJ [Coca-Cola Happy Energy Tour 2012]

Zory - Summer Days

Deep Zone - The Summer Is Here (Official Video)

DJ Dian Solo от Deep Zone Project гостува в Поп Топ с Мартин Геновски

Deep Zone Project - I'll Not Forget You

Deep Zone in Washington DC (club Lima) - Viarvam v teb (live)

Antonia Markova - DEEP INSIDE ( feat Deep Zone Project )

DEEP ZONE & Nadia perfororming "Tocas Miracle" in China (Deep Zone tour 2011)

Deep Zone Project - Waiting 4 You

DJ Dian Solo (Deep Zone project) - Clap Yo Hands

Deep Zone feat. Mike Johnson - Addicted To You

DEEP ZONE PROJECT 1st Time in LA, CA, Exclusive

deep zone project & balthazar feat. syntheticsax — welcome to the loop

Deep Zone - The Party Of The Year - live @ club Elite

Deep Zone and NaDi

Deep Zone in China (part 2) @ club GaGa

deep zone project & double voice Пазарджик

Deep Zone ft. NADIA - Бягство (Live)

Deep Zone - Mai Se Ponapravihme - Live @ Rainbow Plazza

Deep Zone & Boyana - Вярвам в Теб - live @ Slavi Show (22.04.2014)

"Летен Кадър" (drone video) - "Leten Kadar" (live) in front of 20 000

Надя от Deep Zone провокира фотообектива на „Тузаря”

Concert Alek Sandar & Friends Desislava, Nadia Deep zone project и Иван Революция Z

Deep Zone Project (Live Performance & DJ sets)

Deep Zone ft. Криско - Никой Друг (Mall Varna 22.03.2013)

Deep Zone - Suzdadeni Edin Za Drug (Live in Los Angeles - club Lure) 31.05.2014

Deep Zone - Let The Music Move Ya - Live @ Spirit Of Burgas festival 2008.avi

DEEP ZONE - On Fire (Live in Burgas - Happy Energy tour - 07 October 2010)

Waters May Rise | ZORY (Original)

I will always love you - Nadia

Deep Zone - I Feel Like (Live @ Comics club)

Deep Zone Ft. Bobo - Няма НЕ (Снимки)

Группа DEEP ZONE PROJECT в Помории

Coca Cola Happy Energy Tour 2013 Varna - Deep Zone

Deep Zone project - Няма не Coca-Cola Energy tour @ Burgas 2013

Deep Zone Live in Washington DC @ club Lima (28.05.2014)

ESC 2008 Deep Zone sings live D.J. take me away

Deep Zone feat. Nadia @ Pernik 2012

Deep Zone Project Live

Deep Zone ft.Ioana - Лесно се възбуждам

Antal deep in the zone

Deep Zone live in Washington DC (club Lima) - "Biagstvo"

RAFFY BAR TERASSE (Official opening Party) with DEEP ZONE PROJECT

Disco.BG :: DEEP ZONE PROJECT Live at Club JIM BEAM 14.11.2014