Janine And The Mixtape - This Moment (NEW RNB SONG MARCH 2015)


Janine - Unstable (Official Audio)

Lose My Mind

Janine - Friends (Official Audio)

Janine - Hold Me [Official Remastered Audio]

Janine - Dark Mind [Official Remastered Audio]

Janine and The Mixtape-Dark Mind (Lyrics)

Janine - Hold Me [Official Video]

This Moment

Janine - We Could Be Better [Official Audio]

Janine - Lose My Mind

We Could Be Better

Hold Me (feat. Pusha T)

Hold Me (feat. Pusha T)

Hold Me

Janine & The Mixtape - Cold Out (Lyrics)

You Deserve It

Janine - Hold Me x Pusha T [Official Audio]

Let It Run

Don't Love Me


Janine - You Deserve It

Drive.By (feat. Janine and the Mixtape)

Little Bit

When I'm Broken

Lose My Mind

Never The Right Time


One Dance - Preacher Lawson ft Janine And The Mixtape

Old Beside You

Janine - Never The Right Time (Official Audio)

Janine & The Mixtape "When I'm Broken"

Janine - Bullets [Official Remastered Audio]

Janine - Don't Love Me

Janine - Bullets feat. Tom Scott (Home Brew Remix)

Janine- Don't Love Me Lyrics

You Deserve It (Janine and the Mixtape) Music Video

Dark Mind

Janine - This Moment [Official Audio]

Janine - Unstable Lyrics

Janine - Dark Mind [Original Audio]

Branchez - Next (feat. Janine & The Mixtape)


Janine - Dont Love Me ( NEW RNB SONG APRIL 2017 )

Watch: Janine And The Mixtape Performs 'Hold Me', Talks 'Love & Hip-Hop' Feature

Janine - We Could Be Better (Live Acoustic)

Angela Cherai interviews Janine and the Mixtape

Janine and the Mixtape- Hold Me(Cover by ItsSarahBro)

Janine - Unstable (Lyrics)

Imani Adrea cover to Hold Me x Janine And the Mixtape (spokenword)

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