Jentina // French Kisses


Jentina // Bad Ass Strippa

Jentina - French Kisses

Jentina - Performance LIVE - MIX

Jentina // Mysterious

Lady Sovereign - Sad Ass Stripper (With Lyrics)

Lady Sovereign -Sad Ass Stripper With Lyrics

Jentina - Here I come (with lyrics)



Jentina - French Kisses (Switch's Jack The Box Remix)

Jentina - Mysterious (The Vanden Plas Remix)

Jentina VS Lady Sovereign

Jentina - Hard Times

lady sovereign VS jentina sad ass strippa'

Jentina - Hard Times

Lady Sovereighn vs Jentina - Sad ass Stripper

Jentina - Baby

Lady Sovereign "Sad Arse Strippa" Music Video

Lady Sovereign The Ho Song

Jentina - Smoke

15 minutes of Penelope Cruz - PART 2

Jentina vs Lady Sovereign - Bad Ass Strippa (Cx Mash-Up)

15 minutes of Penelope Cruz - PART 1

Jentina - Feels Good

Jentina Mysterious

Jentina - Bad Ass Str%ppa (Arti M. Fix) {Bad Ass S%%%%%a / Bad Ass}

My website come back - Jentina

-Lady Sovereign V.S Jentina :]

My website come back - Jentina French Kisses

Public Warning-Lady Sovereign (song ONLY)

Lady Sov & Jentina

Jentina - Wonderful Day (ft Dolomite)

Perang Jantina Episod 1

Bad Ass Strippa (In the Style of Jentina) (Karaoke Version)

Gentina's Song

Jentina ft Missy Elliott - Bad Ass Strippa Work (Antonello D'Arrigo Mashup Extended)

Jentina kichu Christmas cover

Buffy Summers (btvs) /Mysterious

Wonderbra spoof of Cadbury's "gorilla marketing"

Bad Ass Strippa (In the Style of Jentina) (Karaoke Version)

Fiddle with the Volume-Lady Sovereign (song only tho =[[ )

Jentina - Bad Ass Stripper

Jentina video

Bad Ass Strippa

Bad Ass Strippa (Originally Performed by Jentina) (Karaoke Version)

A Bela Baterista

Lady Sovereign I Got You Dancing

Lady Sovereign Interview

Professor Green - My Ball Bags (Lady Sovereign Diss)

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