Lovher - "Girlfriend"


Lovher - How It's Gonna Be

LovHer - How It's Gonna Be

Sisqo - Is Love Enough

LovHer You Don't Know

Lovher- How It's Gonna Be Lyrics

I Used To Lovher Concept

Shire - I Used To LovHer

LovHer How It's Gonna Be (Intro)

LovHer Commitment

LovHer Girls Gonna Do

LovHer I Don't Want Your Man

LovHer - Girlfriend

LovHer Do You Know Me

Stanaj - The Way I Love Her (Lyric Video)

Dream - Sisqo

LovHer Theme Song.wmv

LovHer Your Man

LovHer ~ Commitment

Sisqo x Chinky - Dream

LovHer - Black Butterfly

How It's Gonna Be (Remix)

Your Man - Lovher

lovher love

LovHer Don't Leave

Passenger | And I Love Her (Official Video)

LovHer:The Black Hollywood Edition

LovHer Club (Interlude)

LovHer What Could've Been

1/15 Art LovHer Presents: Vision

Girlfriend - Lovher

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1/15 Art LovHer Presents: Vison (feature)

Humble The Poet - LovHer (Prod. By Sikh Knowledge)

1/15 Art LovHer Presents: Vision (feature)

Beatles live - And I love her (1964)

LovHer Love

LovHer Girlfriend

LovHer: Atlanta Black Gay Pride 2016


I Used To LovHer (Main)

Godbrova singing How Its Gonna Be by LovHer...

Lovher Agun //Proloyshikha // Red Rock Fiesta 2

LovHer The Go DJ Edition

My cover of "How Its Gonna Be" x LovHer

Common - I Used To Love H.E.R

Lovher (Beautiful and Tragic Remix)

The Doors - Love Her Madly

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LovHer: Dream in Color The 2nd Edition

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