雷艳 Lei Yan - 《天下苗家》 World Hmong/Miao (Hmoob Hauv Ntiaj Teb) MV


Hmong Miao song

苗语歌曲 《你不喜欢我我喜欢你》 Eastern Hmong/Miao Music Video "You Don't Like Me, I Like You".

miao miao chierichetti

Beautiful song by Ayouduo (Sun Drum)

Three Little Kittens | Nursery Rhymes from ChuChu TV Kids Songs

Cat song~Miao song~Animals & co.

Chen Lei & AYouDuo 春雷 & 阿幼朵 - Chairman Xi Coming to Miao Village 习主席走进苗家寨 (Eng/Hmo Subs)

《美丽苗家》Hmoob Zoo Nkauj (Beautiful Miao/Hmong) MV

Miao Song

Ayouduo - A Song Flying Out of Miao Mount 苗岭飞歌 (HQ)

The Song of Ganqiu(赶秋),eastern Hmong/miao language

Miao Mount Welcome Song

Searching For Spring - Miao Inspired

Hmong Chinese song Eastern Hmong Miao Music You Don't Like Me, I Like You 2016 HD

Beautiful Chinese Song Miao Wine Village

Miao New Song Music China 2017 - 2018 _ Hu Nkauj Tau Zoo Heev

Daughter of The Moon [Miao/Hmong Romantic Songs English Pinyin Lyrics]

Billi miao song

Namy Herr - Moob ni Moob Christian Hmong Miao Song

♥ Song of the Thrush ♥


[EngSub] SONG Zuying - Blue is the Sky [Chinese CCTV Lunar New Year Gala 2011]

[Eng Sub] 阿幼朵 - The Beautiful Hmong/Miao Home (苗家美) by Lei Ayouduo

Hmong (Miao) Song - Singing my Beautiful Hometown 歌唱美丽的家乡

Eastern Miao: 苗岭迎客歌 - Hmong Welcoming Guest Song

Hmong (Miao) Song - The Flying Song from Jiuyang Town 久仰飞歌

Hmong (Miao) Song - Toast Song 敬酒歌

Hmong (Miao) Song - We are always Together 我们永远在一起

Short Miao "Hmu" Folk song

MITCH the cat ...in the "Miao Miao Song"!!!

hmong (miao) song by ayouduo in guizhou china

苗岭迎客歌(邹兴兰)Welcoming Guests Song of the Miao People Village, Zou Xing Lan

Hmong (Miao) Song - Nice Days in March 阳春三月好风光

Hmong Folk Song 送嫁歌

Miao song colburn opera workshop spring 2017

行歌坐月 (Love-Song Festival) Miao MV English Subtitles

Song Zuying - The Bright Moon Over the Miao Mountain 苗山明月

Miao Song - Folk Song 山歌

Hmong Miao Festival 2017: WanfengLin beautiful rural song travel | 2017 兴仁,青年苗族游方 (万峰林美丽乡村好歌旅游)

Hmong (Miao) Song - Gā Yang Gā Bi 嘎样嘎毕

NEW EXCLUSIVE AYOUDUO 阿幼朵'S SONG: "习主席走进苗家寨 Chairman Xi Coming to Hmong/Miao Villages"

黔东南 凯里 苗歌(Miao song from Kaili District)

Song of Spring: Traditional Miao Arts

苗语歌曲 苗族迎宾歌 Miao Hmong Chinese Song


Guizhou Bijiao Hmong Miao song 贵州毕节苗族歌曲

Meow Meow Song म्याऊँ म्याऊँ - Hindi Balgeet, Hindi Rhymes For Babies, Hindi Kids Songs, Hindi Poems

Songs Flying out of Miao Mount

மியாவ் மியாவ் | New Tamil Christian Children Song | ஒளியில் நடப்போம் Vol-2

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