The Distinctive Calls of Owls: A Sampler


Boogie Man™ Barred Owl Call


Tawny Owl calling

Great Horned Owl Hooting Territorial Evening Call At Sunset

Eastern Screech Owl Calling

Screech Owl Calling 2

great horned owl sound - call

Barred Owl Calls

Hoot owl call

Barred Owl Calling By A Forest Stream

Calling-in a Barred Owl in Surrey, BC

Barn owl calling

Giant eagle-owl calling

Barred Owl Calling

Grace The Great Horned Owl Making Lots Of Noise Calling Her Mate

Great Gray Owl calling with its fledgling

Barred Owl Adult Calling

screech owl calling

Barred Owl pair calling

Calling In Screech Owl By Whistling.

Eastern Screech Owl calling

Barking owl calling (Ninox connivens)

Barred Owl Calling

2012 NWTF GNCC "Owl Hooting Division" - Nashville, TN (2-9-12)

Brown Hawk Owl Calling

Screech Owl Calling フクロウの鳴声(Western Screech Owl / ニシアメリカオオコノハズク)

Tawny Owl -- a male calling his female, 17 Feb 2014

Scops Owl calling

Elf Owl Calling

Great Horned Owl Calling

Excited Screech Owl Calling From Nest Box

Natural Voice Game Calling - Turkey, Owl And Elk

Barn Owl's calling in New Hampshire


Distant Barred Owl calling - Landings Great Horned Owl, Ga

Calling NorthernPygmy-Owl

3 Tips For Owl Calling During Turkey Season

Barred Owl Calls To Mate - Amazing Vocals

Great Horned Owl calling here at the Arb.

Owl Hooting Contest

Southern White-faced Owl calling. Francistown, Botswana, December, 2015

Juvenile barn Owl Calling (audio only)

Little River Band - The Night Owl (1981)

Mother Screech Owl Calling in Nest Box

Barred Owl Calling

Screech Owl Family Feeding and Calling

Barred Owl Call

Baby Barred Owl hears daddy calling

Eastern Screech Owl Calling

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