Palmolive Gold soap - Australian TV commercial (1978)

Palmolive Gold soap - Australian TV commercial

Palmolive Gold Bar Soap

Palmolive Gold Antibacterial Deodorant Soap 2

1965 Palmolive Gold

1960s TV Commercial Break: Palmolive Gold and Ajax (1965)

Palmolive Gold Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

1965 Commercial Break: Palmolive Soap and Ajax cleaner

Palmolive - "You're Soaking In It" (Commercial, 1981)

Palmolive dishwashing liquid: "Madge the manicurist" (Robina Beard) - Australian TV commercial

Palmolive Gold TV Commercial

Palmolive Soap Commercial - 1952

Palmolive soap

Palmolive Bar Soap Commercial 1986

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Palmolive Soap Commercial 1954

Palmolive Soap TV commercials..

Palmolive Soap Ad


How to make slime with soap?

Palmolive NATURALS Moisture Care with Olive - Soap

Palmolive Bar Soap 30sec RUS 03 10 06

Cold Water Shave ~ Edwin Jagger DE89L ~ Palmolive Soap

Palmolive Bar Soap Commercial 3 1955

Palmolive Dish Soap Commercial

Palmolive Soap (I Can Feel It) TVC 1980's

Palmolive Natural Soap - Pakistani Tv Commercial

Cleopatra beauty soap 1987 commercial New Zealand

Model: Keli H - Palmolive soap 2009

1950's Palmolive bath bar commercial

Joan Leslie - Vintage Palmolive Soap Commercial - 1955

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Palmolive & Colgate Commercials


Sam Pinto - Palmolive TVC (2007)

Palmolive Commercial.wmv