Fire Emblem: Awakening - Pick a God and Pray

Pick a god and pray!

Fire Emblem: Awakening: Grima, PICK A GOD AND PRAY!!

Frederick (Kyle Hebert)- "Pick a God and Pray!!!"

Pick a God and Pray

Fire Emblem Awakening Fredrick "Pick a God and pray!"

Pick a god and pray

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Lunatic+: NO FREDERICK, STAHP

Pick a God & Pray

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Lunatic+: Are you freaking kidding me!?

pick a god and pray

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FG: Pick a God and Pray!

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Not Coming Back

Hitbox don't care.

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God is digging you down so he can raise you up! He has to build your foundation!

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