Anwar wins PD with huge vote majority despite low voter turnout


Is the Port Dickson by-election ethical? | Newsflash

EC promises PD by-election results by 10pm

Voting begins in Port Dickson

Mahathir urges Port Dickson voters to back Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar holds PC after PD victory

Guan Eng stands with Anwar in PD

Anwar Ibrahim gives press conference after by election win

PD Move: Voters share their thoughts on the by-election

Meet Anwar’s independent rival in Port Dickson

Isa Samad confident in taking down Anwar in PD by-election

PAS hopes to win Port Dickson seat via back door

Anwar sworn in as Port Dickson MP

Anwar: PH leadership supports my return to Parliament, PD election won’t be easy

Anwar thanks PD for choosing him (FULL SPEECH)

It was a unique victory in Port Dickson, says Azmin

Time for PD voters to decide their next MP

Port Dickson by-election becomes more wide open

PKR executes 'PD Move', Anwar to contest Port Dickson seat

Indian megastar Kamal Haasan backs Anwar for PD by-election

Port Dickson by election result

PD indie candidate files report against Anwar

This PD candidate is a one-woman army

PD polls: Stevie Chan concedes defeat

Cries of 'Reformasi' rings out as EC announces Anwar's victory in PD

Anwar welcomes Isa Samad decision to contest in Port Dickson by-Election

PD By-Election: EC To Announce Results Soon

After Seri Setia, Anwar brings MGR impersonator to Port Dickson

Anwar ‘pleased, humbled by results’ of PD by-election

Anwar will win the by-election, says analyst

PD polls: Anwar vs Isa?

LIVE Vote counting process for P132 Port Dickson by-election

LIVE Vote counting process for P132 Port Dickson by-election

EC: Anwar’s PD nomination accepted based on pardon

Saiful claims nobody backing him as he faces Anwar’s 'army' in PD polls

Free Nasi Arab - Isa Samad denies sponsoring food for voters

Anwar attends controversial dinner

PAS: Anwar wouldn't be campaigning tirelessly if IDE survey results are true

Port Dickson by-election: EC announces candidates

LIVE press conference by Port Dickson by-election winner Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

EC: Port Dickson by-election on October 13

EC Expects To Announce Result Before 10pm

Police, army personnel kick off the PD polls

A day with Anwar on the campaign trail

Why is Saiful competing against Anwar in PD?

Mahathir-Anwar Mega Ceramah kicks off in PD

NEWS: Anwar Ibrahim named PD by-election victor

Port Dickson by-election nomination day: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim arrives at nomination centre

Tak rasmi: Anwar menang PRK PD

Pas's PD by election candidate sleeps in car, whenever possible

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