Lakshya - separation theme

Lakshya Acoustic Piano Theme- INSTRUMENTAL GRAVITY

Lakshya Seperation Theme.wmv

Lakshya - Separation Scene (Arabic Sub)

Lakshya - Title Track | Hrithik Roshan

The Beginning Of Lakshya... [Instrumental Video Song]

Lakshya Instrumental Played by Wildvirtuoso (Harsh Vora)

Lakshya Separation Theme

July - Separation (Instrumental)

Separation Theme of Movie Lakshya-Piano Version

Lakshya - Separation Theme

Lakshya - Theme



Angela - Separation (Instrumental Cover by Ethernal_Edge)

The Original: Rock On- courtesy "Lakshya"

Lakshya - Separation Theme Piano Cover by Wildvirtuoso (Harsh Vora)

Nikhil-Lakshya Separation Theme

Lakshya Instrumental !!!


Arafax - Separation (Instrumental)

Lakshya 2004 Bollywood Movie Theme Song on Yamaha PSR S910

Lakshya Movie Theme - Rock climbing (Rock on!! soundtrack HQ)

Six Degrees Of Separation - The Script (Acoustic Instrumental made by Zain Merchant

Lakshya Theme ----by zapster

Lakshya - Theme

Lakshya Theme

Lakshya theme piano

Lakshya Theme

lakshya cool theme

Lakshya victory theme harmonica


Away and The Peace of Separation (Instrumentals by Lee Leslie)

Lakshya - The Piano Version

A Separation

Lakshya - Theme

Rockstar Acoustic Piano Compilation- INSTRUMENTAL GRAVITY

Lakshya tune on flute

Lakshya Theme - by Shehan Somaratna

Lakshya starting

Lakshay movie theme on Guitar By Mohit Malhotra

Lakshya Rock Climb theme By Arjun

Lakshya Sad TUne.mp4

Lakshya Theme By Prasoon Sharma

lakshya theme by vj

Lakshya - Conversation Between Angry Soldier and Romi Preity Zinta about War And Peace


Lakshya - Title Track - Piano - iPAD


A Separation (Bir Ayrilik) Ending Music