Wolverine - Best Rages & Screams


10 Terrible Mistakes in Wolverine Movies

The Wolverine Shout Out

Wolverine: Brotherly Fight

Watch Hugh Jackman grunt, groan, and scream in hilarious behind-the-scenes Logan clip

Wolverine: Origins (1/3) Wolverine Fights a Wolf (2013)

Wolverine Gets Psychoanalyzed By Psychologist Andrea Letamendi - Weekly Shout Out: Episode 9 HD

X-Men origins: Wolverine - Logan/Wolverine kills father

Wolverine: Origin (2/3) Wolverine Gets His Claws (2013)

Wolverine Electronic Claw Unboxing

Wolverine Tribute

Wolverine and The X-Men says Hi

Wolverine: Origin trailer

Interview with Len Wein, creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing - Weekly Shout! Out: Episode 5 HD

Silver Wolverine Shout out !!!!

"So, this is what it feels like" (LOGAN) | Wolverine

Wolverine: Origin (2013) Opening Title Sequence

Marvel Knights: Wolverine Weapon X - Tomorrow Dies Today - OFFICIAL TRAILER HD

Silver Wolverine Shout Out & Finnish Mint Screwing up (Again)!

Batman Vs Wolverine Episode II

Wolverine: Origin (3/3) Wolverine Fights a Cage Match! (2013)

Marvel Knights: Wolverine vs Sabretooth (4/4) Waking Up On The X Jet HD

Creating Wolverine's Origin Story - Your Weekly Shout Out! Episode 56 HD

Wolverine Comic Book Goodness - Wolverine Wednesday request - Cholula's Comics SHOUT OUT!

DUEL DAY: 2 Star Vision Vs. 5 Star Wolverine X-23 [Challenge Request]

Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous - Wolverine Attacks

Shout out to Ohio Wolverine

Marvel Knights: Wolverine vs Sabretooth (3/4) The Danger Room HD

Shout out to icy wolverine

Wolverine:Weapon X A Fan Film Reaction

Shout Out BYB & S. Wolverine, Latest Bullion Deals & NGC Swans

WOLVERINE at Home (in Canada)

If you're a wolverine- front

Shout out to Wolverine Wolfpack in the Stables Courtyard

Marvel Knights: Wolverine vs Sabretooth (1/4) Brawl At The Mansion HD

HULK vs The Wolverine

Shout out to Wolverine X

Marvel Knights: Wolverine vs Sabretooth (2/4) Black Panther HD

Wolverine Prepper

Try not to laugh challenge (she looks like wolverine)

Your Weekly Shout Out!: Episode 34 - Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth

The Wolverine train fight scene


Wolverine INFERNO gameplay at Boneyard

Marvel Knights: Wolverine Vs Sabretooth (2014) OFFICIAL TRAILER HD

Wolverine fireworks Display at carrollton Pt. 1

Electrified Wolverine Claws: HOW DEADLY ARE THEY?

Comics In The Attic - Episode 6: The First Issue of Wolverine?

Midtown Comics Unboxing - Spider-man, Harley Quinn, Death Stroke, Deathlock, Wolverine

Wolverine (NES) Soundtrack - 8BitStereo