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My Top 10 Favourite Xandria Songs

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Xandria "Save My Life"

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Xandria - Dancer

Xandria - Vampire [Lyrics]

Xandria - The Undiscovered Land (with lyrics)

Xandria - Eversleeping


Xandria - Isis Osiris [Lyrics]

Xandria - India

Xandria- The Lioness

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Xandria Sisters of the light, the Shimmy Sisters and Art by Adelaide

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Xandria - Snow white

Song For Sorrow And Woe / Xandria Keyboards

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Xandria - Ship Of Doom

Xandria - Wisdom

Xandria - Eversleeping

Xandria - A Theater Of Dimensions

Xandria - Ravenheart

Xandria - Winterhearted

Xandria - Some like it cold

Xandria - Winterhearted (lyrics)

Xandria - The Sailor and The Sea (Bonus Track)

Xandria - Prophecy of Worlds to Fall

Xandria- Back to the River

Xandria - The Lioness

Xandria - Save my life

Xandria - So you disappear

Xandria - Forevermore

Xandria- Betrayer With Lyrics

Xandria - Forevermore

Xandria - Isis Osiris

Xandria - Euphoria | Neverworld's End

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Xandria - The end of every story

Xandria - Ginger

Xandria - When The Mirror Cracks (Bonus Track)

Xandria - Too close to breathe

Xandria - Forevermore Lyric Video

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