【自作iRig】iPhoneをギターアンプにしてみたよ!〜Jazz Blues編〜 

Download in HD 【自作iRig】iPhoneをギターアンプにしてみたよ!〜Jazz Blues編〜

Estate - Jazz Guitar improv with loop station

Jon Herington of Steely Dan plays their classics with AmpliTube iRig

DIY Mike - DIY iRig iRiff iPhone DIYRig Guitar

Trying out The Club from ZT Amplifiers (jazz)

Mambo Jazz Guitar Amplifier Demo

iRig VS iRig HD

アンプがなくてもOK!iRig HDとiPhoneとギターがあれば超絶カッコイイ演奏ができる!

ジャンクなギターアンプを改造してみた。(Remodeling of YAMAHA AR-1500)

Roland JC-120の使い方・音作りの方法【ギター博士のレッスン】

iRig Guitar Interface for iPad/ iPhone + Amplitube iPad Review & Demo

iRig Mic and VocaLive - Record a Song on Your iPhone/iPad with your favorite vocal effects

AmpliTube & iRig HD-A now on Samsung Android devices!

iPad Garageband guitar amps demo

IK Multimedia iRig 2 Guitar Interface Review - Sweetwater's iOS Update, Vol. 100

Organ, Guitar & Sax with SampleTank for iPhone / iPod touch and iRig MIDI

IK Multimedia | iRig HD - Guitar Interface Review

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