Crazy Homemade Flechettes for a Shotgun TEST SHOT 

Download in HD Crazy Homemade Flechettes for a Shotgun TEST SHOT

World's SCARIEST Ammo? - The "SHREDDER"

PPSH Shotgun Slug - The Russian Ferrari of Ammo

Nail Gun As A Weapon?

6mm PPC "RAIL GUNS" The high-tech gun you never heard of

Pulling The Pin On A Live WW2 Hand Grenade!! (73)

Benelli Shotgun Amazing Shots-Tom Knapp


How to turn a drill into a monster shotgun!

What happens when you pour 1200F molten aluminum into an anthill?

What's it REALLY like to shoot a 50 cal Machine Gun 1200 Meters?

500 S&W Bullets from a SHOTGUN Experiment

Is TUNGSTEN bulletproof? How tough is it?

"The Helix" Copper Coil Shotgun Slug - Testing

SCIENTISTS send us shotgun slugs with stunning results!

Shooting .22 PELLETS Using NAIL GUN Blanks

FLAT WASHERS - Shotgun Load - These are nuts!

Live 50 Caliber Round in a Microwave

Shotgun Slug made out of CONCRETE - Test shot

.50 CAL Air Shotgun with CROSSBOW BOLTS - Powerful!

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